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How It All Started?

Hey Y’all

This business has been a dream of mine for several years now. Birthed initially as a hobby, it gave me the creative outlet that I needed in my life. I have always enjoyed working with my hands and I started to realize that those hands had the ability to create in ways they hadn't previously known.

It all started with a dream and a "I wonder if I can?". I started by making a few signs here and there. Something would catch my eye and I would immediately try to figure out how it was made. After some research and a lot of trial and error I was having fun making all sorts of cool signs for people. My hobby started to earn me a little extra income and KT Signs and More was born!

While hand painting signs was enjoyable, I still had a desire to do something more. I had some previous experience with the refinishing of older furniture pieces for my home and classroom and felt that was something worth pursuing. There is nothing like old things becoming new. The end product is a unique piece of quality furniture. So I started refinishing furniture. Everything from cleaning, to sanding, to stripping, to painting, I would do whatever necessary to make that piece look it's very best. If the wood was a good quality I always tried to maintain that beautiful look of it, but sometimes painting was the only option. Each piece spoke to me and I could see it's potential and what it would take to bring it back to life. People began asking me for advice about their pieces and requesting custom refinishing jobs. The "and More" in my business name was beginning to take shape.

Amid all of the evolutions of my business I've been dedicated to learning more and more about the craft, the skill, and the trade of woodworking. My dad, a life-long carpenter, has been a treasure trove of information when I need advice on a project. Of course, Google has given it's fair share of advice when I've tried to learn something new. I also started a collection of reclaimed wood, initially from an old barn I tore down. Much like the old furniture, this wood still had a lot of life left in it. So I started wondering what kinds of things I could make that people would like. I began doing some crafts, just little knickknacks I thought people may enjoy decorating their homes with. A lot of time was spent making seasonal crafts. I loved watching people's eyes come alive when they saw a cute little snowman, a little lantern to put a candle in, or a bunny with a not so fluffy tail. Each project was special to me.

The most current leg of my journey has been more custom furniture pieces. How can I transform these old windows, or chairs into a new piece of furniture? So I find old things and try to build furniture around them. Once again the old becoming a new creation. And that is the history of where this business started and where it is today.

You can find me where the old meets the new. My desire is to create quality pieces for my customers and help people see how objects can be repurposed instead of discarded. I am glad each of you are joining me on this journey!!

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