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2022 A different kind of year

As we get ready for a New Year I always enjoy looking back at the highlights of the year. Thank you all for taking this journey with me!


January 2022 came with big changes for me. First, I helped start a brand new church. Following the leading of the Lord we set out and started our church. What an amazing year we have had serving our community.

Secondly, I started a brand new job. Learning new things about a totally new industry…wow…can you feel the stretching there.

KT Walker Designs

I officially became a business. One of my hearts desires and dreams was to start a business. And with that, I had help building a website.

Make and Take

I held several different classes during the beginning of the year. Where we shared laughter, food, and made a little something too.

Opened a Space

And the end of this year found me opening a space at the back of another shop! I’m excited for what 2023 will bring. And thank you all for journeying along with me!!


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2022 A different kind of year
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