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It’s December, Already?!?

Wow, December!

This year has flown by! First and foremost thank each of you for hanging around and sharing in this journey with me. 

Quick Recap

This year has been busy and crazy and hard, but doing the next right thing has lead me to open “officially” my business, launch a website, do make and takes, rent a space.

I have built a couple pieces of furniture this year, participated in vendor shows, learned new skills…always learning new skills.

Looking forward to so many more adventures in 2023!

Make and Take

We had a couple of hands on events. We made some cute risers. I’m planning on having a few of these this coming year so stay tuned!!

Handmade Furniture

I have made a few special order pieces. These usually test my skills and brain power. I have a picture in my head I follow. But I love the look on my customers faces when they see it for the first time!

My Space 💚

I have been given the opportunity to rent a space at the back of a shop in downtown Mebane. My first step to my own shop (which is one of my dreams/goals). If you haven’t stopped by please do! It changes, I feel weekly, but always changing new items and décor.


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