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Summer is flying by, but let’s be honest…

August update

So I am not sure what it is about summer, but it seems to fly by. In fact the weather has gotten cooler, schools have started back, and the darkness descends sooner every evening…fall is coming. As fall comes I prepare for shows and winter projects, so stay tuned.


Summer has been full, a couple projects for the business, Creating a custom island and refinishing a table and 6 chairs. It has also been full of home projects as I have lived in my house for 12 years it was time for change. So this summer has found me laying floors and hanging doors to make my house better, updated, and mine. And that’s the main reason I have not gotten many projects completed. But winter is coming and that is usually a busy time in my shop and business. 

New Floor…Replaced the carpet with vinyl planks
Barndoor for the bathroom
I was able to change my door so it opened differently and easier.

Vendor sales

I hope to be participating in a couple different vendor events as fall comes. There is one in October, with details in upcoming newsletters stay posted!


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