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September to Remember

Memories that last a lifetime.

Ever have those times in your life that are once in a lifetime opportunities? Moments that won’t easily be forgotten with time? My September has been busy with those times.

Ark Encounter

September has been full of getting ready for our big church trip as well as preparing for fall/winter craft shows. 
We set out on our trip to answer some questions in all our brains about something we have been taught about since we were young.
The power and magnitude of what we saw and experienced cannot be explained with words or pictures. It’s a must see!
I told some of the people I was with that I have even more questions. Just in awe of the magnitude of all I saw and experienced

Some takeaways…
Not every single animal was on the ark, the DNA contained in the animals had a much broader spectrum of options. 2nd some animals can pause a pregnancy, specifically we looked at kangaroos. 3rd God knew how many people would be on the ark and for how long they would be there and provided enough food and places to stay. 4th Noah was a pretty smart guy engineering and putting together God’s plan for the ark.

Fall Vendor Fair

I am also prepping for a vendor fair. Getting all the fall and Christmas decorations ready. Stop by and check it out on October 1st!

Pumpkin patch

Pumpkins are “growing” and will be for sale at the vendor fair.

Winter Wonderland 
Also have some snowmen in the making, which will be available at the vendor fair. 
I will also have many other wood creations…Christmas trees, benches, nativity scenes, and much more.


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