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I’m Still Alive and Kicking (May and June Update)

First and foremost why do the days fly by without permission? 
It has been a crazy few months with lots of happening with the business! 
Had a vendor fair in May, have been working on a custom island (pictured above), Had a couple live edge custom benches and well just life!
And before another month passes by I wanted to send out an update, thanks for bearing with me!
This was a custom build kitchen island.
I named her Priscilla. (no I am not crazy…well maybe a little)
My customer helped to create the design for this beauty. 2.5ft deep x 3ft long x 3ft high. Set on wheels to be easily moved. There are two sets of doors so she can open all the way through.
Just one of the reasons I missed the May update, the second being the month went too fast!

Vendor Fair

I was also able to participate in a vendor fair and team up with Kelley’s Script Stay tuned this summer for more custom projects. I will try to be better about doing my monthly emails, but until then check out my girl Kelley. Oh and also my website.


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